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Everything You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

Sunscreen is only the tip of the iceberg

BEACH WEDDINGS look so good on paper. A stunning horizon, crashing waves, and soft sand that lightly kiss your bare feet. Reality is a little more messy with wind-ruined hair and a sore throat from YELLING YOUR VOWS OVER THE OCEAN. But nothing good comes without a little work, right? We have a bunch of tips on outsmarting Mother Nature on your big day.

Photo: An Island Hideaway

Book a private beach or a beach resort
There is nothing less romantic than having a volleyball hit you in the face during the ceremony. Most beaches are open to the public year-round and don't accept private bookings for events. Look up ones that do—with some strategically placed foliage so strangers can't peer nosily from the road.

Or go the easy route and book a destination beach resort. Their beaches are clean and secluded, and their staff are used to organizing beach weddings and know exactly how to combat pesky problems like fluttering tablecloths.

Photo: Grand Hyatt Bali

Dress on the casual side
Because your dress will get muddy. Definitely don't rent one. Instead, choose something light and breezy, preferably with an ankle-length hem. The fabric should be on the thin side too, in order to beat the heat and so it sways attractively in the breeze.

Heels will sink in the sand. Wear comfy flats or go barefoot. If you choose the second option, make sure to arrange an aisle runner to protect your feet from the scorching sand.

As for hair, twist it in an updo that annoying winds can't ruin. Then spruce it up with some flowers or accessories to really make your dress pop.

Photo: Creative Events Asia

Consider speakers
The ocean stops for no one and nothing. The cry of gulls and roar of waves can drown out the officiant and your vows. Unless you want to scream your declaration of love, we recommend getting wireless mikes or some form of amplification for your guests' benefit.

Photo: Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort

Fortify your décor
Those winds again. Centrepieces can topple and candles will go poof. Choose pieces that have a heavy base, like glass or metal. For tall floral arrangements, weigh them down with a ring of ornamental stones and lots of ribbons. If you want soft lighting to set the mood for a sunset beach affair, use lanterns or electric candles.

Menus, napkins, and place cards can be weighed down with cute seashells or sea-themed paper weights.

Photo: Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort

Provide shade and refreshments
This is particularly important if the wedding is set during the day. Construct canopies out of white tarp and patterned poles, then set them over the guest section, refreshments, and altar. You'll find it adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the event.

The sun makes people extra thirsty, so organize cool drinks for your guests throughout the ceremony.

Photo: Mount Lavinia Hotel

Ready bug spray
A sad truth for outdoor weddings. Inform your guests of the venue ahead of time, so they can prepare. You and your spouse-to-be can dab on insect repellent that doesn't stain.

Or avoid the hassle altogether and hire a wedding planner that specializes in beach weddings
They have the experience and knowhow to prepare the seaside wedding of your dreams. Beach resorts usually come with their very own wedding consultant that knows the lay of the land and the perfect time of the day to start the ceremony.

Because really, beach weddings are worth the extra mile. 

Photo: Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa
Photo: The Library

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