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  1. How do I register as a wedding vendor?
    Register at It's free and easy!
  2. Can I advertise on or buy listing positions above my competitors?
    Yes, please contact our sales team at for details.
  3. How do I edit or update my listing/business page information?
    You can edit/update your information by clicking on the "Listing Details" tab located on the top of your vendor page after you login. Please update both "Listing Details" and "Business details" sections.
  4. Can I select multiple wedding themes for my venue?
    Yes. We recommend all Venues to select as many relevant themes as possible to increase your chances of being displayed in search results. This is found by clicking on the "Edit business details" link on your Dashboard. Please note that this is only applicable to comapnies listed under "Venue" Category.
  5. How do I changes my login email address and password?
    You can change these details by clicking on the "Listing details" tab in your Dashboard, then simply click on the "Account & password" link located on the left hand side.
  6. What information will be displayed to members from my business listing page?
    Uploaded photos, listing description, downloadable files and contact information will be displayed to the public.
  7. How can I check / reply to enquiries?
    A notification will be sent to your registered email. Enquiries are found in the "Emails" tab at the top of your business listing page. Please click on the tab and you will be redirected straight to your Hitchbird inbox.
  8. How do I upload photos?
    To upload a photo, click on the "Photos" tab. You can upload photos by simply dragging and dropping the file into the specified area.
  9. How many photos can I upload for my listing, and what is the maximum file size for each photos?
    You can upload up to 40 photos. The maximum file size of each photo you can upload is 10Mb.
  10. Can I upload menus, price lists, floor plans and other files for couples to download?
    Yes. You can upload files under the "Folder" tab. Please remember to rename the files for easy recognition.
  11. Can I register for multiple wedding categories?
    Yes. You will need to register a separate account (unique email) for each category. However at a later stage, there will be a primary level account.

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