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Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Capturing the best wedding photography moments in Vietnam

Top tips from a local photographer (Anh Photography Interview)

I’m a Vietnamese wedding photographer based in Hoi An, Da Nang but am available for destination weddings anywhere in the world. I like photographing moments using unique angles and highlighting emotions throughout the wedding. I am constantly seeking, predicting, and capturing. I am not a story maker, but rather a storyteller. My style is to tell the story and to show what the couple wants to say - a whether it’s a calm person telling a calm story or a passionate person telling a passionate story. I have been taking photos for 5 years and have worked with many customers from many countries :)

Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Cool... Can you let us know where are the best places to take wedding photos in Vietnam and why?

Sure! There are many, many wonderful places in Vietnam for wedding photos, depending on the seasonality that you want to capture. Each place will have its own beautiful season. For example, Da Nang or Hoi An is great for wedding photos during spring and summer between February and August because there is a lot of beautiful sunshine. It can get inconvenient for a couple to have their photos taken from September to December because there is a lot of rain. The other places where I've taken photos at include beautiful, wild locations such as Da Lat, Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Ninh Binh, and Phu Quoc. Usually, I will advise my clients after they have decided on their destination, based on the timing, budget and their interests.

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Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER
Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Awesome. Can you let us know what are some of the memorable moments you like to capture to showcase a couple’s unique story?

There are many memorable moments that I like to capture. First of all, I think that it’s important for a photographer to be able to make the bride and groom feel very comfortable during the shoot. I do this by talking to the couple, telling them interesting facts about the place where the shoot is at. This helps to erase any worries the couple might have about the wedding photos and instead make them feel like it is a trip to explore a place. I also encourage the couple to talk to each other about their memories so they will feel happier when they are together. Then, as a photographer, I just need to follow my instincts and take the right shots.

Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER
Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Great! Now, Let's talk a little more about you... What do you do during your free time?

During my free time, I often browse through photographs to learn more about photography. I also like to go on walks to take street photos. I have been interested in cameras since I was young. I used to take photos for my friends when I was a kid - taking pictures of the things on the street while I dreamt about growing up to be a photographer. I also enjoy travelling and exploring. I really enjoy taking photos of couples who are in love with each other. I like to capture romantic moments and to tell the couple’s love story through the photos I take.


Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Do you have a photography mentor?

Nope. I work with 2 partners. I taught myself photography and had no instructors. I joined various wedding photography communities and got tips and advice from other photographers.

Cool... What are the wedding photography communities that you’re active in?

I'm a member of My Wed (, Fearless photographers ( and Wedding Photojournalist Association (

Now back to wedding photography... How do you determine your booking availability? Also, how much should couples expect to pay if they would like to hire you for a wedding photography session?

Interested couples can contact me and tell me when they want to have their wedding photos taken and I will check my booking schedule. I have many photography packages to suit each customer's requirements.

Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Are there any hotels that you would recommend for weddings in Da Nang / Hoi An?

Yes. In Da Nang, I think Premier Village, Hyatt Regency and Naman Retreat have beautiful settings for a wedding. In Hoi An, there’s Sunrise Premium, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa, Palm Garden Resort, and Sunrise Premium Resort Hội An.


Ceremony from VND 22,760,000 for 20 guest(s)


Ceremony from USD 4,041 for 10 guest(s)


Ceremony from USD 5,820 for 30 guest(s)

Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Oh, yes. Overseas couples will find it very difficult to get specific information on Vietnam, so it can be hard to decide where they’d want to take wedding photos at. They should discuss with the photographer they have booked in depth to get a better idea. I am always willing to share information with my customers, and I often end up becoming a tour guide for them as well.

Wedding Photography In Vietnam - ANH PHAN PHOTOGRAPHER

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