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Everything You Should Know About At-Home Engagement Wedding Shoot

Here’s everything you should know about at-home engagement and wedding photoshoots

If your social media feed is full of destination engagement photos and you want to do something unique for your couple photoshoot, then we have got a great idea -- A cozy and romantic photo shoot at your home where you and your betrothed are in your natural element.

You can click cute and intimate photos cuddling with your fiancé in a fuzzy blanket surrounded by potted plants and candle lights in the background.

Document your real life

At-home engagement photoshoots can capture your memories in the truest form. You can click photos in places where you spend most of your time, whether it’s watching television or sitting on the port as it will make your photos feel more authentic.

No extra costs

Destination engagement photoshoots can end up costing you a lot. You have to pay for your and the photographer’s travel arrangements, stay, and food along with the fees for the location and the photographer. With an at-home photo shoot, you only have to pay the photographer, which can save you money and allow you to invest in an excellent wedding photographer.

Choose your theme and location

The location is in your absolute control as you don’t have to worry about the sun being too bright or the weather being too gloomy. You can choose any theme you want from cozy to fun to sensuous.

You can get advice from your photographer to finalize on a theme and decor for the photoshoot.

Also give inputs on the theme you’ve chosen. It’s best to invite them to your house a week or two in advance to get their recommendation and finalize everything. Try building a rapport with him, so that you and your fiance are comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot.

So when are you having your at-home photo shoot?

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