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About Upolu Weddings

Upolu is the the most important of Samoa's islands. The Region of Upolu also includes all other islands of the country apart from the so-called "big" island of Savaii. Upolu was formed by a massive volcano, but there have been no recent eruptions. The island is fringed by reefs and has some beautiful beaches. Inland is hilly, with tropical vegetation and numerous waterfalls.

Upolu Wedding Tips

Alluring beaches aside, Upolu’s interior exudes a very special and mystic charm. There are numerous tracks that lead deep through lush rainforests to a number or rivers and dramatically beautiful waterfalls. Many of these are just the ticket for swimming, picnicking or just generally whiling the time away.


n Samoan culture food is a social event that brings together family and friends to share what bountiful wonders nature has provided. As the sun rises in the east, young men are paddling their canoes out in the lagoon to catch fish, while others have gone into the plantations to cultivate and harvest what is needed for the daily meals. The bounty of the ocean provides crayfish, snapper, masimasi, octopus, tuna and more, caught that morning and served that evening. The plantations of bananas, taro, tropical fruits and vegetables picked that day add to the freshness of the meals. Traditional food consists largely of root vegetables, including taro (talo) and breadfruit (ulu), along with coconut cream, pork, chicken (moa), and fish (i’a) dishes. The local staple of oka (raw fish marinated in coconut cream, lemon juice, chilli and onions) is delicious. A favourite of many visitors to Samoa is the tasty palusami (baked coconut cream in taro leaves) cooked in the umu. Samoa is a veritable fruit basket with locally grown tropical fruits including papayas, star fruit and bananas, and mangos and pineapples in season. Seafood lovers will delight in freshly caught crayfish, snapper, octopus, tuna and more. Look for the Samoan delicacy of palolo (similar to whitebait or caviar), ask the locals if this is available. It may surprise many visitors to Samoa to see how popular Asian flavours are here, be sure to try the Samoan version of chop suey. The local Samoan beer is very refreshing, while a cocktail in a coconut is the ultimate island-holiday accessory. Remember that the sale of alcoholic beverages outside hotels or licensed restaurants is prohibited on Sundays.

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