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About Penang Weddings

The Pearl of the Orient, Penang offers unspoiled beaches, turquoise sea, bountiful flora and ancient temples. Wedding celebrations at this paradise is not only unforgettable, but also distinctive. It is a perfect place to exchange vows and celebrate love.

Penang Wedding Tips

Penang is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It composes of two parts, Penang Island, where the seat of government is, and Seberang Perai (principal town Butterworth) on the Malay Peninsula. A fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm. These are reflected in its harmonious multi-racial populace and well-preserved heritage buildings, which led to the capital Georgetown being accorded a listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Long regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, and of rich Chinese heritage, Penang has an array of temples, ruins, museums, preserved forests, beautiful beaches and scrumptious cuisines that make a unique and unforgettable wedding experience with everlasting memories.


In a Malay wedding, food is served buffet style and rice is essential. A wide variety of rice dishes are served up to the host's preference:
  • Nasi Briyani (Briyani Rice)
  • Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice)
  • Nasi Jagung (Sweet Corn Rice)
  • Nasi Bukhari (Arabian Fragrant Rice)
  • Nasi Minyak (Ghee/Butter Rice)
  • Nasi Putih (Jasmine Rice)
Malaysian wedding banquets do not normally contain pork, due to their Islamic nature, but the food is definitely heavily centred on meat and their renowned seafood. Beef rendang is a must have in every Malay wedding. If you or your partner are vegetarian or do not have a liking towards meat, be sure to plan well ahead and make arrangements for a more vegetable-oriented feast!

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