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About Bali Weddings

Bali is one of the most magical and romantic islands in Asia. Couples from all over the world are attracted to this amazing wedding and honeymoon destination with its beautiful pristine beaches, subtropical rainforests, vibrant culture and friendly people.

Bali Wedding Tips

Bali is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Asia with its varied landscapes of mountains, sandy beaches and lush rice terraces making a picturesque backdrop. The island has numerous venues to select for any type of romantic getaways. Bali is also well known for its yoga and meditation retreats and can be an ideal holiday for a pre or post wedding break!


Indonesian cuisine mostly consists of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, being strong in nature and striking to the taste buds! Traditional dishes that are served in Indonesian weddings are sweet, and one example of this is the Roti Buaya, bread that is shaped like a crocodile and coated in sweet syrup. In the traditional Indonesian society, crocodiles are symbolic for significant marital values such as fidelity and economic establishment. Other non-marital Indonesian delicacies are definitely worth checking out whilst you and your other half are traversing around Indonesia on your honeymoon! The Balinese Nasi Campur is a widely celebrated dish unique to the Bali Island, t is a scrumptious and savory salad-like mixture consisting of tofu, grilled tuna, spinach, vegetable curry, corn, boiled eggs, chilli sauce, and much more. This is also sold on the streets of Bali, often coming with rice wrapped neatly inside a big banana leaf. For couples craving a side-dish or a quick snack in the middle of a hot, summer night during your honeymoon, definitely try the Urap, a vegetarian dish consisting of steamed, seasoned vegetables and spiced coconut dressing thrown together into a simple but appetizing mix! The Urap is a Japanese dish, however, it is also known in Bali as the Urab Sayur.

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